Sometimes life surprises you when you least expect it. I received an email from Diana DeWitt last week. Diana performed two songs in films I produced the music for: “Hard Act To Follow” in “Night Of The Comet” in 1984 and “You Make Me Nervous” in the unforgettable “Malibu Bikini Shop” in 1986. She said she and her husband were looking for properties in the Carmel area, heard that I was living here and had written a book. I don’t know how she knew about the book…although I do greet every tour bus that comes into Carmel ( “Hi, I’m Don Perry and I’ve written a book!”).

She asked if I remembered her. Of course I do. As I’ve often said, the best part of writing the book was not recounting the records, concerts and film and TV projects I worked on. It was the incredibly talented people that I worked with every day…people who became friends and part of my musical family…people who helped me live the dream for so many years.

When I started writing the book over five years ago, I tried reaching as many of those people as I could but I just couldn’t find everyone. That’s why it’s so gratifying that Diana remembered me and made contact after all these years. She sent me her latest CD, “Through My Window” and sings as well as she ever did. Check out her work on YouTube. I sent her my book in trade. I think I got the better deal.

Can’t wait to check my email tomorrow…