I first met Steve Eaton through Mickey Miller, who was managing Thom Pace. He negotiated the hit single and album “Maybe” from the “Grizzly Adams” TV series. I was frantically searching for songs and artists for a memorable picture, “The Malibu Bikini Shop”. Mickey was looking to place some of Steve’s songs in a film for him. The timing was perfect and the bonus is Steve was (is) a monster talent. He had a major hit as a writer with the single, “All You Get From Love Is A Love Song” for the Carpenters and his songs were also recorded by major artists such as: The Righteous Brothers, Captain and Tenille, Art Garfunkle, Glen Campbell, Anne Murray and Lee Greenwood. We used two songs and I became an instant fan and friend.

Recently, I traded my book for a couple of CDs from Steve. The car makers have decided not to put CD players in cars these days so it took me awhile to find the time at home to take a listen. I rediscovered Steve and still marvel at his talent. This song and album are just one example. Check him out on youtube. Having said that….I think you’ll agree with me but question his “smarts”. He may have made one of the worst trades in history!