As the year winds down and the holidays amp up, it’s natural to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come and look forward to where we want to go. I feel especially blessed this year. The book I wrote over a four year period was published in February and continues to exceed my expectations…but if it had never sold a single copy, it would still have enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined.

I got a chance to re-create and re-live my years in the music industry. I was able to re-connect with people I worked with and had not talked to in many years. I had a chance to put into words how much I learned from so many people, how much I admired their talent and how much I truly valued their friendship. I savored those moments even more looking back because when we were working we sometimes didn’t have the time to sit back and appreciate what we had done. We just made music and moved on to the next project…but music is more than just a project or a product that goes in and out of style. Music has a life of its own and when it runs its contemporary course, it becomes a memory.

I can’t remember a day without music…can you? We hear it everywhere and it truly underscores and enhances our life. We adopt songs throughout our lives that become “our songs” and we re-live so many memorable moments every time we hear them. Sometimes we know in an instant that a song is special to us and sometimes it takes awhile.

“Through The Years” by Kenny Rogers hit the pop and country charts in 1982. I liked it but it passed through my life quickly…but here’s the funny thing about music: it sometimes grows with you. I’m going into my 39th year with my wife and soulmate, Linda. As the holidays approached, I wondered how I could tell her how much she truly means to me…and then I heard this song again. Little did I know that Kenny recorded this song in 1982 to give to us in 2016. Thanks, Kenny.

I hope this holiday seasons’ gift to you is as special.