Those of you who know me, know that I have been with my beautiful wife Linda, for over 42 years...but I feel after all these years, I should finally confess that there was another Linda Perry in my life.  Let me explain:

In late 1984, I was hired to produce the music for the film and soundtrack for the movie, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" inspired by the hit single by Cyndi Lauper, which sold 6 million singles worldwide.  A soundtrack was already in place with Mercury/Polygram Records and I had to scramble to find songs, not only for the album but which could be used for specific scenes in the film.

The record label introduced me to a young Linda Perry who brought us a "demo" recording of the song, "C'mon Shout" written by songwriters, Marti Sharron and Gary Skardina who had penned the Grammy Award winning song, "Jump (For My Love) by the Pointer Sisters.  It was sung by Alex Brown and it sounded just right for the opening of the film.  We agreed to have Marti and Gary produce the song with Linda as the Executive Producer.

This led to a continuing comedy routine.  I spent most of my time at Hollywood Sound Recorders on the project and as a result, any important calls to my office were transferred there.  I would get paged and they would tell me Linda was on the phone.  I would answer expecting to hear my wife's voice.  Invariably, I would guess wrong.  I would say, "Hello, Sweetheart", and Linda would say, "It's not sweetheart, it's the other Linda". 

 The song worked perfectly and was released as the first single from the album.  It hit the Billboard Top 100, Dance, and R&B charts and lingered for 6 weeks...but the film did not live up to expectations and when it left the theaters, the record company's promotion came to a halt.  That was the first and last time I worked with Linda...but in this business...even though you walk away and on to your next are forever "locked to the hip" by your body of work and with those who shared it with you.

I didn't see Linda's name again until she joined the group "4 Non Blondes".  She wrote their biggest hit, "What's Up" which hit #14 on the charts here and #1 in many countries around the world.  In 2000 she wrote and produced 8 songs for Pink's Grammy nominated LP "Missundaztood", including the hit single, "Get The Party Started"....but she was just getting started.  In 2004, her song "Beautiful" won the Grammy for Best Vocal for Christina Aguilera and a nomination for her for Song Of The Year.  

Over the years Linda has worked as a Producer/Songwriter for other artists such as:  Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keyes, Melissa Etheridge, Celine Dion and many more. In 2015, She was inducted into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame and just recently collaborated with Dolly Parton on the Golden Globe nominated song, "Girl In The Movies" from the 2018 film Dumplin'.    

Recently, through the magic of the internet, I was able to re-connect with Linda.  I don't think either of us could have predicted how much success she would find when we did that (now) cult classic film that many years ago.  I don't claim any part of that success but I have watched with pride as the results of her hard work over the years paid off... and I'm just glad I had the chance to be there at the beginning of "the other Linda Perry's" incredible career.